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The Choir cancels all foreign tours until 2022

In view of the exploding corona numbers around the world and given that there are currently no Covid vaccinations available for children under the age of 12, the Vienna Boys Choir regretfully announces that it has had to cancel all tours abroad until 2022 – including its traditional Christmas tours to the USA and Germany, which are crucial to the Choir's economic survival.

“This put us in a rather tight spot again, in terms of finances. We hope that we will be able to at least partially offset the losses. We have arranged for a number of concerts in Austria, but we will need aid from the public sector as well. The City of Vienna has pledged its support last year, so we are cautiously optimistic. In any case, the health of the children, our employees, and our audience must come first. As long as children under the age of 12 must not be vaccinated, we cannot risk longer trips, let alone international tours. It would be irresponsible,” explains the Choir's President, Gerald Wirth.

New Album: Together

Despite all the difficulties in the pandemic, the Choir has recorded a brand-new album;  “Together” will be released by Deutsche Grammophon in October. It features 19 songs known and loved around the world, most of them new to the Choir's repertoire. „All of them have migrated from one culture to another, and they all express a feeling of togetherness, perfect for a choir.“, says Wirth. “Dreaming of Home and Mother”, by American surgeon-cum-composer John Pond Ordway found its way to Japan and to China; all three versions are on the CD, as well as the pandemic favourite, „Wellerman“.

Our latest CD - Simply Classical

The current crisis has badly affected the Vienna Boys Choir, both as a school and as artists. We are a private NGO which does not receive any government subsidies or public funding. While the choirs cannot travel, we have very little income:
We have had to cancel all major tours and almost 300 performances so far,
and more are certain to follow. 

Please help us, if you can. Your donation - however small - is much appreciated.

Thank you! - and please stay safe.

Yours, the Vienna Boys Choir